Nova Scotia Golden Retriever Rescue


Nova Scotia Golden Retriever Rescue (NSGRR) was started in December 2008 and is a registered, self supporting, fully volunteer non-profit group that is dedicated to the welfare, rehoming and rehabilitation of Golden Retriever dogs and Golden Retriever mix dogs. We do not have a shelter as we rely on the foster care system in which we place the pets with families who take them into their homes until they have found their forever homes. We receive no government funding or private sector endowments. We rely on our own fundraising efforts and private donations to help pay for animal care and vet costs.

Most Goldens come to NSGRR directly from owners who have chosen to give up their dogs up due to allergies, divorce, or death or because they didn't give enough thought to the realities of Golden Retriever ownership and find themselves unprepared for the level of responsibility required. NSGRR also occasionally helps Goldens that have been removed from abusive environments or that have been found as strays. NSGRR is dedicated to educating the public, in general, about pet ownership.

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