Meet Groot, an (almost) 1 year old husky mix ( July 1st ) from Northern Labrador, and one of the happiest souls you will find. He gets along wonderfully with all dogs big and small, Loves Children but because he is a big boy he could knock a small child over with his wagging tail...He has been around barn cats and he was fine with them, He also loves people and loves saying hi to folks he meets on his daily outings, he's a very Happy boy. Like most huskies, Groot has a lot of energy and is usually happiest after a good run or a long walk. While he is quite energetic, he also loves snuggling up and taking long snoring-filled naps with his current foster. Since he has a history of running, Groot would be best in a home with a fenced-in yard. Groot was never leash-trained so he does pull quite a bit when he is being walked. However, he is showing improvement in this area, Groot is now healed from his neuter and he is looking for a forever home, a home where he will get walked, played with, cuddled with, and hey another doggie friend would be great too... ... If you are interested in meeting this sweet boy please let me know, 🥰 NS Golden Retriever & Friends Rescue
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